Interested in Installing Your Orby TV System Yourself?

Orby TV has arranged for professional installation at a great price. A trained technician delivers and installs the satellite dish and antenna and connects everything. This service is warrantied for one year.

However, if you have previous experience with satellite dish installation you may want to install the equipment yourself. This job requires specialized skills and tools.

NOTE: SELF-INSTALLATION IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. We do not provide support for self-installation beyond the Self-Install Guide and the video below. Our customer care team is trained to help after a system is installed, but is not able to “walk you through” installation if you get are unable to find the satellite signal, use a signal meter, or have other challenges.

Please review the Self-Install Guide and watch the video BEFORE ordering a self-install kit. If you return a self-install kit, a $40 restocking fee applies.

The Self-Installation Kit is available with a Receiver or DVR, or by itself if you already have your devices. A signal meter is included with the Receiver and DVR bundle kits, but not in the stand-alone kit.

To check the dish pointing parameters, including azimuth, elevation and skew for your installation, enter your zip code in our dish pointer tool.

Not sure what local TV stations are available in your area, or how to point a terrestrial antenna? Please visit Enter your address and click submit. Do not check the “antenna height” box. Local channel availability varies by location, and rural areas farther from a TV tower may receive fewer TV channels. ORBY TV DOES NOT GUARANTEE LOCAL TV RECEPTION QUALITY OR NUMBER OF LOCAL CHANNELS YOU WILL RECEIVE.

Self-Installation Tips (9 minutes)

Dish Pointing Tips (2 min)