At Orby TV, we love RVs!

Many RV owners are looking for a flexible, affordable way to watch TV without breaking the bank. With Orby TV, you’re in control of what you spend each month.

Only on the road for a few months a year? Orby TV is a perfect fit. Since you choose the package you want each month, you’re in control of what you spend. Need to take a break? No problem. Simply “pause” billing in our easy-to-use-app and come back when you’re ready. There are no reconnection fees.

Here’s how to get started:

Buy your Orby TV equipment on our site:

  • Orby TV receiver or DVR
  • Self-install kit
  • Signal meter

Get a tripod for the satellite dish. You’ll need a tripod with 2” mast or 2” J Pole mounting capability, able to support 25 lbs of equipment. Find tripods at Amazon, eBay, Solid Signal, SatPro, or camping supply stores.

Once you’re installed and ready to start service, use the Orby TV app to create an account and choose your package. Local channels are always free!