2/10/20: Cord Cutters News announces Orby TV’s biggest discount yet
“Orby TV is the first low cost, no strings attached prepaid, pay-as-you-go satellite TV service. Orby TV packages start at $40/month, which includes all taxes and fees. There are no contracts, credit checks, or promotional prices that result in price hikes after an introductory period. This could be an option for those who want to get away from cable contracts but aren’t ready to switch to streaming, or for those who don’t have access to high speed internet.”
7/25/19: Consumer Reports highlights Orby TV as a low-cost alternative to traditional satellite and cable companies
“Satellite TV doesn't pop up as an option in many cord-cutting conversations, but a startup called Orby TV is hoping to change that. Taking a page from the prepaid-cellular playbook, the company is offering a satellite-TV service with 40-plus channels for $40 a month, including taxes, with no contract and few add-on fees of the kind that frustrate many cable TV subscribers.”
7/8/19: Hollywood Reporter announces launch of Orby TV
“Orby TV, an L.A.-based startup… is looking to make a business out of a segment of the pay TV market that sector giants have typically not targeted. The company recently launched what it says is the first dedicated U.S. pay-as-you-go satellite television service for people who aren't interested in paying for bundles that include broadband or other products.”