Installation Setup


In how many rooms will Orby TV equipment be installed?

OrbyTV Antenna

Orby TV receiver and DVR sold separately.

Orby TV Basic Installation

  • Installation of a satellite dish and over-the-air antenna (delivered by technician).
  • Up to 100 feet of wiring to the number of rooms specified in the order
  • Set-up of the number of Orby TV devices specified in the order (either purchased as part of the order or purchased separately by you)

NOTE: There may be additional charges for custom work that is not needed in a typical installation. This can include items such as mounting the satellite dish on a pole, using a non-penetrating “sled” mount or tripod, fishing wires through walls, or using flat cable. Those charges are determined in the pre-installation site survey. Upon agreement between the customer and technician, the charges are payable to the technician before work begins.

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Limited Time Offer - Save $125
1 Room $150 $25
1 Room $150 $25
2 Room $200 $75
3 Room $250 $125
4 Room $300 $175
Please enter your SIM numbers on your devices before proceeding.
Where do I find the SIM?
$150 Total $150