Guide to the Orby TV DVR

Press the REC button on your remote control.
  • Press the PAUSE (II) button on your remote. To resume, press PLAY (>).
  • After pausing, you can Rewind or Fast Forward.
  • Press the GUIDE button.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to select the show you want to record.
  • Press the REC button.

From the Schedule to Record screen, choose either:

Recordto record this one program
Record Seriesto record multiple episodes of a show on the same channel
Record allto record all episodes of a show on any channel

Then use the ARROW KEYS to select SAVE

Or, before you save, select Recording Options to start recordings early or end them late.

  • Press the DVR button.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to select My Recordings.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to select the program you want.
  • In the menu, select PLAY
  • Use the REW (<<), FF (>>), PAUSE (II), PLAY (>), and STOP (■) buttons to control the playback.

Deleting Recordings

  1. Press the DVR button.
  2. Select My Recordings; then select the recording you wish to delete.
  3. In the menu, select DELETE.

*Please note: Deleting a program is permanent.

Changing When Recorded Programs Will Be Deleted:

  1. Press the DVR button
  4. Choose when recorded programs will be deleted:
    • When space is needed
    • After seven days
    • After two weeks
    • Never

Viewing and Cancelling Upcoming Recordings

  1. Press the DVR button.
  2. Select Scheduled Recordings.
  3. Here you can see what will be recorded.
  4. You can select any recording you wish to delete.
  5. Press SELECT. A menu will appear, select CANCEL RECORDING to cancel only one episode, or CANCEL RECORD ALL to cancel the whole series.


To record the show you are currently watching, simply press the REC button on your remote control.
Yes; you can record two different shows at the same time. You can also play back a previous recording while recording two shows.

Yes! When you find your show, hit the REC button on the remote. A menu will pop up with the options below. Choose which option you prefer.

  • Record (records one show)
  • Record Series (records shows in the series, on that channel)
  • Record All (records all shows with that name on all channels)

Yes. Simply press the Pause (II) or rewind  (<<) button on your remote.

If you have paused, then change channels, the temporarily saved program will be lost. If you want to save a program, be sure to press REC before changing the channel.

You can record approximately 100 hours of High-Definition (HD) programming and 1000 hours of Standard-Definition (SD) programming.

Yes, you can save your favorite recordings as long as there is still space available on your DVR. Just go into the detail of the recorded program and select KEEP.

Yes; to delete programs and recordings stored on your DVR, follow the instructions listed above under Managing Your Recordings.