The Orby TV Mission Is to Bring Trust and Transparency Back to Television

In 2018, we decided enough was enough – getting television was too expensive and complicated! As a team of TV industry veterans, we were tired of the traditional paid TV model that has kept Americans captive. We knew there had to be a better way— one where control is shifted back to the customer.

We launched Orby TV with the mission of bringing trust, transparency and integrity back to the American TV market! Our goal is to be a refreshing alternative for our customers in a landscape of confusion and gimmicks. We asked ourselves a simple question: How could we create a great entertainment experience for our customers without the stress, hassle and gimmicks common to our industry? In early 2019 we launched Orby TV, and the service is now available in the 48 contiguous United States. Orby TV is privately held and is not affiliated with other TV providers.

With team members across the US, we work hard to offer affordable, transparent and flexible entertainment. Because we believe it’s time to make the days of paying over $100 per month for TV with rigid contracts a thing of the past.

We do this by making the customer experience simple, easy and worry-free. Isn’t this the way things should be?


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